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Climate Related Risks

This year, we carried out a climate-related risks and opportunities analysis to better understand the implications of climate change for our operations.

Following the recommendations provided by the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), we have identified 5 main risks and 2 main opportunities that are relevant to our operations as a main contractor and fit-out services provider.

The table outlines our material climate-related risks and opportunities, along with the potential financial impacts thereof on our business operations.


Frequent extreme weather
events directly cause damage
to structures and facilities

Policy and Legal

Stricter government
decarbonisation policies may
lead to higher exposure to
legal and litigation risks


Intensified competition in
greener fitting out operation


Prolonged period of extreme
hot weather may lead to
potential increase in health
issues of employees

Technologies In Smart Site

REMOC Inc. is a digital transformation support company, focused on Safety & Environmental Management. The solutions incorporate AI, IoT, and 3DCG technologies, benefiting clients in Manufacturing, Construction, Chemical, Oil, and Retail sectors.

AI Camera Monitoring – The AI camera system operates 24/7, offering continuous locally and remotely monitoring. Knowing that our advanced technology is constantly analyzing the construction site to identify potential accidents or safety concerns, you can have peace of mind. Whether on-site or off-site, our system keeps you connected and enables you to take immediate action when necessary.

IoT Sensor – Our cutting-edge IoT Sensor Service Platform offers a comprehensive solution to safeguard your space by detecting potential fire hazards and monitoring various environmental factors. By leveraging a variety of IoT sensors, our platform enables you to predict and prevent fire accidents before they even occur.

The Opportunities We Defined

Environmental Metrics and Targets

Furthermore, we have outlined S&techs’ environmental improvement action plan for the year, with the primary objective of addressing waste generation and recycling. The objectives and progress of the plan are monitored by our Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) Department, which coordinates and collects information from our subcontractors, project managers, or the office management whenever necessary.

Progress is tracked and updated quarterly to ensure that teams are on track to meet the Company’s targets. We will continue to enhance our data collection processes to expand our reduction targets to other avenues, such as greenhouse gas emissions.


Science-based targets (SBTi)

Verified commitment to be a 1.5oC aligned business

Net-zero operations across Europe and the Americas

  • Record scope 3 equivalent carbon on all projects
  • Report energy and equivalent carbon use on-site during construction, enabling clients to do the same over the lifespan of the space
  • Reduce global operational emissions by 25%, compared to 2019 baseline

Net-zero projects as standard

  • Design all new buildings to be net-zero operational emissions as standard
  • Reduce our scope 3 equivalent carbon emissions by 30% vs 2025 baseline
  • Reduce energy used on-site during construction by 20%, compared to 2019 baseline

Exploring Our Innovative Technologies

Revolutionizing Safety in the Construction Industry

Smart Harness system designed to prioritize worker safety, this innovative technology utilizes advanced detection mechanisms to ensure the safety harnesses are used, providing instant signals and recording vital data within the system.

Falling accidents often stem from a variety of causes, including carelessness, unscheduled work, and the absence of suitable attachment points. To combat these issues head-on, the Smart Harness system offers targeted solutions.

Enhanced Worker Safety

Peace of Mind: The company can rest assured that its workforce is protected. The Smart Harness System actively monitors safety compliance, ensuring proper harness usage.

Immediate Alerts: In critical situations, the system notifies workers, supervisors, and relevant staff instantly. Swift action can prevent accidents and minimize risks.

Risk Mitigation

Falls Prevention: The system’s height alerts discourage unsafe practices. Workers receive timely reminders, reducing the likelihood of falls

Comprehensive Data: Vital information is recorded within the system, allowing for data-driven safety improvements and risk analysis.

With the Smart Harness system, we are ushering in a new era of construction site safety. By combining technology with proactive solutions, we aim to mitigate the risks associated with worker falls and create a safer working environment for all.

Predict and Prevent Accidents

Our cutting-edge AI Camera service is specifically designed to predict and prevent accidents by Analyzing Object Recognition, Identifying Specific Behaviors, and Monitoring Critical Conditions.

Accurate Object Recognition
Our AI-powered cameras are trained to identify various objects and equipment, such as helmets, safety harnesses, and facial recognition. By analyzing the camera footage, our system can effectively detect instances of non-compliance, such as workers not wearing proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Hazardous Area Trespass Detection
Unauthorized access to hazardous areas can pose significant risks. Our AI cameras are equipped with advanced algorithms to identify and promptly alert you when individuals trespass into restricted zones. This enables you to take immediate action and prevent potential accidents before they occur.

Construction Waste Management
Effective waste management is crucial for maintaining a safe and clean work environment. Our AI cameras can monitor the dumping grounds and intelligently determine the waste levels. By providing real-time updates, our system ensures that waste does not exceed the designated limits, preventing potential hazards associated with overflowing waste.

Enhanced Worker Safety
Working alone in hazardous environments can increase the vulnerability of workers. Our AI cameras are capable of detecting instances where employees are working alone, enabling you to promptly respond and provide necessary support. This feature ensures the well-being of your workers and minimizes the risks associated with isolated work situations.

Revolutionizing Fire Prevention and Environmental Monitoring

IoT Sensor Service Platform ensures immediate alerts. Also send automated alerts to the project manager via SMS or email, ensuring that the appropriate response is initiated promptly.

Key Features

Fire Detection
Our IoT sensors are specifically designed to detect fire risks in distribution boards. By continuously monitoring temperature and electrical anomalies, the sensors can identify potential fire hazards at an early stage. This proactive approach allows you to take immediate action and prevent fire accidents, ensuring the safety of your property and its occupants.

Environmental Monitoring
IoT Sensors also monitor various environmental factors that can impact safety and well-being. These include Noise Levels, Sewage pH, and particulate matter (PM2.5/PM10) levels. By constantly collecting and analyzing data from these sensors, you gain valuable insights into the overall environmental conditions, helping you maintain a healthy and safe environment.

Revolutionizing Safety and Quality Monitoring

A solution that streamlines safety and quality monitoring processes like never before. With just a few clicks on your smartphone, this innovative application empowers you to conduct comprehensive inspections, create formatted reports, and track the status of rectification requests in real-time.

The Safety and Quality Patrol App simplifies the entire monitoring process by offering a range of user-friendly features. First and foremost, you can effortlessly upload drawings and plans directly from your smartphone, enabling you to reference them during inspections and identify any potential safety or quality concerns. By leveraging the app’s intuitive interface, you can easily mark specific areas of concern using pin-drop location functionality and record photos or videos on the spot. This ensures accurate documentation and provides valuable evidence to support your findings.

To facilitate efficient rectification management, the app allows you to set deadlines for necessary improvements. With a single click, you can generate detailed reports incorporating all relevant inspection data, including photos, videos, and marked-up drawings. These reports can be instantly shared with corresponding staff, ensuring seamless communication and transparency.

The Safety and Quality Patrol App also facilitates the tracking and management of rectification tasks. Real-time updates on the status of requested improvements enable you to stay informed and monitor progress closely. Once rectification has been completed within the stipulated timeframe, the app prompts you to request an inspection to verify the successful resolution of identified concerns. This comprehensive logging feature ensures that all actions taken are recorded.

Empowering Safety Excellence in the Construction Industry

With the Smart Construction Centralized Platform, we offer you a comprehensive solution to mitigate safety risks and maintain an impeccable track record. Our platform is designed to streamline safety processes, ensuring that every aspect of your construction site is meticulously monitored and managed.

By making us your safety central partner, you gain access to a centralized hub of safety information and resources. Our platform allows you to consolidate safety data, track incidents, and generate comprehensive reports with ease. With our system integrated into your bid package, you showcase your dedication to safety and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Introducing Our Trusted Partner

REMOC Inc. is a specialized DX support company that provides solutions for customer challenges related to ‘safety’ and ‘environment’ in the ‘field’ by applying technologies such as AI, IoT, CG, and UWB.