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Climate Related Risks

This year, we carried out a climate-related risks and opportunities analysis to better understand the implications of climate change for our operations.

Following the recommendations provided by the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), we have identified 5 main risks and 2 main opportunities that are relevant to our operations as a main contractor and fit-out services provider.

The table outlines our material climate-related risks and opportunities, along with the potential financial impacts thereof on our business operations.


Frequent extreme weather
events directly cause damage
to structures and facilities

Policy and Legal

Stricter government
decarbonisation policies may
lead to higher exposure to
legal and litigation risks


Intensified competition in
greener fitting out operation


Prolonged period of extreme
hot weather may lead to
potential increase in health
issues of employees

The Opportunities We Defined

We have defined two opportunities:  Resource Efficiency & Reputation.  The benefit is reduced operating costs due to resource conservation.  

Increase in revenue: Low-emission and low-energy-consumption buildings.

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The Opportunities We Defined

Environmental Metrics and Targets

Furthermore, we have outlined S&techs’ environmental improvement action plan for the year, with the primary objective of addressing waste generation and recycling. The objectives and progress of the plan are monitored by our Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) Department, which coordinates and collects information from our subcontractors, project managers, or the office management whenever necessary.

Progress is tracked and updated quarterly to ensure that teams are on track to meet the Company’s targets. We will continue to enhance our data collection processes to expand our reduction targets to other avenues, such as greenhouse gas emissions.


Science-based targets (SBTi)

Verified commitment to be a 1.5oC aligned business

Net-zero operations across Europe and the Americas

  • Record scope 3 equivalent carbon on all projects
  • Report energy and equivalent carbon use on-site during construction, enabling clients to do the same over the lifespan of the space
  • Reduce global operational emissions by 25%, compared to 2019 baseline

Net-zero projects as standard

  • Design all new buildings to be net-zero operational emissions as standard
  • Reduce our scope 3 equivalent carbon emissions by 30% vs 2025 baseline
  • Reduce energy used on-site during construction by 20%, compared to 2019 baseline